The Second Adam ‘Magnificat’

The First Adam

Bernie Mullen
Opening Music:

'Glory to the Lamb that was Slain ... Amen' From: Handel's Messiah
CD: Messiah Arias and Choruses
Sung by Kiri Te Kanawa and Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chorus CD: Decca: 417 449-2

Opening Prayer:
Oh loving heart
That hangs upon a tree for me:
That brings me to the crossroads of my life And asks the treasured, ego-self to die to all But thee ...
I stand in contemplation here Beneath your Tree
And say, 'I give my life to all but self:
I will serve thee ... ' But
There the dice, can I gamble with my life So treasured by the selfish me?
There the crowing of betrayal:
Lord, within the struggle is the rub Of serving self and serving thee. The eyes of tender, loving truth Are fixed on me;
They watch the dance of love
That responds to music in the Pipers flute, Lord, that your mystic music
Would forever play in me?
In my ambivalence
In my struggle to be free
Let your Holy Spirit risen, rise

In Truth in me ...
Lord, help me listen in the silence To the mystery songs you sing to all Who want with deep desire,
To follow thee ...

For the birth of Love that sets us free For death in Love
So that True Love can rise in us
For the rising of God's Spirit that brings Great gifts for all to share and see ...

The bitter and the sweet of the salvation story in this painting are symbolically told. The dice of division and conflict, the cock of betrayal are prominently present. The saviour, the new Adam, hangs upon the tree. A distorted figure for us to contemplate. A reflection of how distorted is our personal truth in the light of God's own Truth. The fish, the trademark of most of Joye's works is vitally present with its huge eye open to the cross. Perhaps to remind us of our need to live in openness to the Spirit of Wisdom who teaches us of love. We are once again gently caressed by the skilled music messenger who plays for us life's new Alleluia, who contemplates what redemption really means:
The birth of full potential and complete unicity. We are left to live in the great relief of hope and joy: The Saviour rises in the vibrant light of eternal outpouring and of eternal beginning: it is this that makes our longing for our true, human home ... God. The New Adam and the Spirit of the risen Christ helps us to journey there.

Closing Music:
'Hallelujah Chorus' From: Handle's Messiah
CD: Messiah Arias and Choruses
Sung by Kiri Te Kanawa and the Chicago Symphony Chorus

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