The Psalms

Magnificat Psalm 8,4.
what is man that you think of him
mere man that you care for him?
Magnificat Psalm 106:19
They made a gold bull at Sinai
and worshipped that idol
they exchanged the glory of God
for the image of animals that eat grass.
Magnificat Psalm 106:6,7
We have sinned as our ancestors did
we have been wicked and evil
our ancestors in Eqypt did not
understand God's wonderful acts.
They forgot the many times he showed them His love.
The presentation Psalm 84:3
The sparrow herself finds a home
and the swallow nest for her brood
she lays her young by your alters
Lord of hosts, my King and my God;
The presentation Psalm 69:1-4
Save me O God
I am sinking in deep mud
and there is no solid ground
I am worn-out from calling for help
and my throat is aching
I have strained my eyes looking for help
those who hate me without reason are
more numerous than the hairs on my head
my enemies tell lies about me
they are strong and want to kill me
The presentation Psalm 63:1
O God, you are my God
I long for you.
My whole being desires you,
like a dry, worn-out and waterless land
my soul is thirsty for You.
The presentation Psalm 57:7-8
My heart is ready, o God
my heart is ready
I will sing, I will sing your praise
awake my soul
awake lyre and harp
I will awake the dawn.
The presentation Psalm 23
the Lord is my shepherd
I have everything I need
He lets me rest in fields of green grass
He leads me to quiet pools of fresh water.
The presentation John 14
the Word became a human being
and full of grace and truth
lived amongst us...
The presentation Psalm 143:6,7
I remember the days that are past
i ponder all Your works
I muse on what Your hand has wrought
and to You I stretch out my hands
like a parched land my soul first for You
The presentation Psalm 137
by the rivers of Babylon
we sat down
there we wept
when we remembered
on the willows nearby
we hang up our harps
how can we sing a song to the Lord
in a foreign land?
The presentation Psalm 106:36
They worshipped the idols
of the nations
and these became a snarc
to entrap them.
The presentation Psalm 51
be merciful to me, o God
because of your constant love
wash away all my evel
and make me clean from my skin
The Psalms as I lie in bed, I remember You,
all night long I think of You
because You have always been my help
Psalm: 63:4
Psalm 98:24,25 Psalm 98:24,25
my truth and my love shall be with him
by my name his might shall be exhalted
I will strecth out my hand to the sea
and his right hand as far as the river
Psalm 81:10 Psalm 81:10
I am the Lord your God
who brought you out
of the land of Egypt
open wide your mouth
and I will fill it.

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