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Magnificat Mary visits Elisabeth

Like Mary
we Praise the Father
for the great things He does
Magnificat Magnificat for...
the fall of the first adam
and the promise
of a
Magnificat Magnificat for...
the Father who embraces
the repentant sinner.
the prodigal son.
The presentation Magnificat for...
the second Adma-the Christ
who conquers death.
through his cross and resurrection.
The presentation Magnificat for...
the Father who is always
to provide.
put of your shoes
the place where you are is holy ground
manna and quails in the desert.
The presentation Magnificat for...
no need to worry,
look at the birds
look at the flowers.
The presentation Magnificat for...
being invited to the wedding feast
of the Lamb.
keep your lamps burning.
be ready

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