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Wisdom of Solomon Wisdom has been my love
Wisdom of Solomon 8:2
Wisdom Painting When night falls over me
like springtime rain that
soaks the earth
than love appears
and lifts the veil.

Wisdom Painting Birds don't gather
and flowers don't make clothes
knowledge without wonder
is incomplete even the fish
swim with open eyes
we don't need much to be happy
we need everything
Wisdom says:
"Make your house empty."
Wisdom Painting my mother's womb...
the beginning of my mysterious life.
you carried me for 9 months
what were your thougts?
how did you feel?
you were still very young
you are great!
I love you!
God was at work in you.
for me
for many
for love.

Wisdom Painting Food for the soul is offered
in the house of the heron.

Wisdom Painting The unfolding of life
has many surprises

Wisdom Painting to control the mind
again and again
to focus and
the power of mind
one does it
again and again and again and
on the road of truth and life.

Wisdom Painting with open eyes
gently, slowly
the fish swims in the water
so men should
live and move in the ocean
of life and love
God is Love (1 John 4: 8)

Wisdom Painting Why would one not
love me?
Wisdom Painting the eyes cleansed
in the water of truth
the pure in heart
see that all life is

Wisdom Painting Wisdom Painting
Wisdom Painting Wisdom Painting
Wisdom Painting On wings of awareness
and insight
we leave this world
for home.
Wisdom Painting Nature says;

"Most of my guests are blind and very few enjoy my beauty
they are pure in spirit they think of nothing
adhere to nothing carry nothing and nobody
looking at the tree they become the tree
at the flower
they become the flower
at the birds
they become the birds
they know how to eb one
with my uncountable forms
movements and sounds."

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