The Five Wise Virgins ‘Magnificat’

The First Adam

Bernie Mullen
Opening Music:
'I waited for the Lord'
Sung by Anthony Way and Tabitha Watling CD: Wings of a Dove
CD: Decca 455 645-2

I wait in hope for your sacred calling My heart in open flame
Burns with yearning for your Kingdom
I wait in patient watching My eyes of faith
Burn bright with expectation of your Kingdom's coming I am longing Lord, for thee.
I wait in patient silence My soul in prayerful trust
Alive and waking from its night
My lamp of love still burning bright
I wait Lord, with all my love With all my life,
Until it is your time
To take me home with thee ...

For our time of patient waiting
For God's sustenance on our journey of struggle and watch For Wisdom that makes its home in us
For the promises of God to keep
For the gifts of earth and heaven

The music of life obliterates the threat of unprepared-ness and a death that does not lead to fulfilment, integration and eternal joy. The skull can only just make itself seen. The guitar is painted into the colours of earth and heaven and the music of life belongs to both. The stolid grave-stone that reminds us of our destiny is accompanied by the symbolic fish that seeks life's true meaning and that is cleansed by the waters of 'life's ocean'. It prepares itself for eternal adoration. The five virgins are themselves wide awake in contemplation and in waiting for God's fulfilment. One wonders if there are five virgins to represent our five senses. Our ability to see God in all, to hear and to listen to God in silence, To smell and savour the good things given us, to touch others and creation with our own gifts of love and to be touched and affected by all that life has to offer, and finally, to use our voices to praise the living God in all Magnificence. Indeed the wise virgins wait, not in idleness but in growing wisdom and appreciation. The Bridegroom will come to take them to the wedding feast. .. The candles of Christ's Light burn in anticipation. We are shown the Way.

Closing Prayer:
'The Lord is my Shepherd' Anthony Way and Tabitha Watling CD: Wings of a Dove
CD: Decca: 455 645-2

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