THE FIRST ADAM ‘Magnificat’

The First Adam

Bernie Mullen
‘Retche Gospod Gospodevi moyemu: The Lord Speaketh’
From CD: Ancient Echoes
Sung by: Chorovaya Akademia
CD: LD 0316

We stand in nakedness
Exposed to knowledge.
We look at our forbidden fruits
Ceased and taken to feed our pride.
They bequeath to us the taste of failing,
The first feel of falling
The first flight from Love’s
First calling…

We stand in nakedness
Feeble and forlorn
With our fruits of folly not thought nor foiled
By senses greater than our greed.
From the eyes of Love
From Love’s most sacred home;
Our human hearts,
We flee…

Yet, happy fault:
Love’s Messenger of mercy
Flutes us music from its soul
And sings the Song of Light
Within our souls’ dark night.
The wounded words of freedom stream
New promises of life.
Our new Redeemer comes
To save us from our plight…

Oh happy fault
You bring us God
We open wide our mouths in songs of praise
We wash in healing waters
Of New Eden garden given free
To all who will Salvation.

We stand in nakedness.
With freshly opened eyes of love
We see…

For the holy birth in waiting,
For the promises of salvation,
And the bountiful clothes of Truth.

In this the first of the ‘Magnificat’ series of Wilfried Joye’s paintings, we are brought fully into the drama of our happy failure into the light and love of complete salvation. The apple of choice is placed round and red in the story’s centre. Adam and Eve stand completely exposed to the sorrow of weakness and pride. They wait, in all their fragility, for encounter with the God of Love.
The angel of Love engages in the music of redemption. Creation is once again brought to Joy. The symbolic fish are wide eyed and wide mouthed in the hope of Truth’s reception. The cock crows in welcome dawn of rebirth and freedom. All is well in the human heart given heaven.

Closing Music:
Nine sili nebesniye (Rejoice now heavenly powers):
Composer: Sheremetiev: CD Ancient Echoes:Chorovaya Akademia (Alexander Sedov) CD: 09026 68055 2

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