In the desert ‘Magnificat’

The First Adam

Bernie Mullen
Opening Music:

‘Vo iskhode israileve: As Israel Departed Egypt:’
Composed by Nikolsky from CD: Ancient Echoes:
Sung by: Chorovaya Akademia
CD: LC 0316


Your ‘manna’ music caresses my spirit
In the desert of my yearning.
I hear your songs of worship
Tell wise words of learning
In this inert, dry land of my heart

In the desert of my yearning,
You gift me with the food of life
And lead me to the holy ground of hope.
With your balm of sustaining grace,
You sustain my wavering faith

In the desert of my learning,
You unfold your Truth.
With naked feet I stand in awe; unshod.
My searching soul you set alight
And lead me from my Egypt:
My comfort country.
You flame my desire for infused evidence
Of your sacred Word of Love.

From the desert of my yearning
You lead me to the land of plenty
Where in my hungry heart
Your everlasting peace prevails.

Magnificat to the Great
For the food of manna,
For the food of quails,
And for the bitter waters
Made sweet to taste.


We are drawn by the symbols of our wandering and the story of the Lord’s sustaining: The cloudless desert sky, the fish eyes in search of truth set us up for the long journey. On the hot desert sand sits the quail bowed in reverence and surrender to its simple gift of future food. The sacrificial lambs stand or look upon the empty shoes of worship. It is as though they too are awed by the presence of the One who sustains the spirit of a lost and wandering people. The thin, dead tree points to the praise and change of bitter waters that were turned sweet. The burning bush is set aflame with holy presence while the messenger of hope plays for us the music of everlasting peace. Our souls rise up in joy for the God who provides all that we need and sustains us in all life’s circumstances.

Closing Music:

From Cd: Vox Divine Rites
Sung by Fadia El-Hage
CD: World Classics: 11305-2


Moses the Great has already painted this day hidden in his obscure words. God has made holy the seventh day as the Blessed One. The day of peace and rest, on which His Only Son rested from his labours. He has become flesh through the mystery of Becoming in death. Through resurrection he became again that which he was before. He has given us eternal life, for He alone is good and gives love to humanity.

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