I open my eyes of trusting…


I open my eyes of trusting…

Bernie Mullen

I open my eyes of trusting and pray

For the deep reception of your simple love.
I open my ears of longing
And listen to your transforming silence.
I await your voice of calling
To the humility of your heart.

I watch you, spirit of Prayer
Place your hands of healing
On the instrument of childlike innocence
And play your
Your gentle music
In the silence of
My heart…
You prepare to play your melodies of calling
In the yearning of my heart.

I am moved toward transfiguration
By the gentle sound
Of your creation
Lord, teach me the songs of your Kingdom
Teach me the truth of your being
Begin the dance of your life
Become the music of my being…

We, through the boldly painted blues that surround the spirit of prayer and the deep blue eyes of awakening that stare out toward us are invited to shed all that would inhibit us in participating in life’s music. We are told that we reach the kingdom of love and hear the wonder of God’s love in the domesticity of our ordinary daily round. Joye reminds us of this by dividing the painting into two; on the right we are deep drawn by the wide eyes of compassion and love and on the left we are reminded of the simplicity with which we should approach our lives. We grow to our full stature through cherishment and care. The mother’s blanket and the roof of the home are linked with the blues of heaven and with the Spirit of prayer. We belong to God’s simple and beautiful music of life.

CD: At the Edge of Night: Antonio Breschi
Track 6: ‘At the edge of Night’
Time: 10:54

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