In the night of sense, in the day of listening I sing your praise…


In the night of sense...

Bernie Mullen

In the night of sense,
In the day of listening,
To your beckoning,
I hear your constant melodies
So intensely played
So insistently composed.
They draw me from the dark night
Of ego centric wandering
Into the simple freedom
Of your dance.

I can listen to your songs,
I can raise my heart in praise,
I can rejoice
In the music of your soul’s
Bright gift of

This time the hands of prayer in us actually play the melody of real love. We abandon ourselves with childlike joy and listen to the melodies. We partner Love in the playing of them. There is perhaps a note of sadness behind the eyes of truth: night and the darkness it brings are also present. But with glad hearts we stretch up our arms of praise. We welcome the light of life.

CD: August Rush
Track 5: ‘Bari Improv’ and 8: ‘Duelling Guitars’
Time: 1.27 (5) and 2.31 (6)

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