Naked and exposed, I undress the long learned songs of my prejudice…


Naked and exposed...

Bernie Mullen

Naked and exposed
I undress the
Long learned songs
Of my prejudice;
The long played notes of my
Hidden music that
I can find only in the heart of
Your templed life in me.

From my small and troubled boat
I navigate the seas of
Deep illusion
I sing my songs of deep distress

To thee.
Hear me, mistral of simplicity
Of the unadulterated life
You desire in me.
I will hear your truth
Beyond this stormy sea…
Beyond my transformation
Into your pure songs of life
Yet to be heard
In me…

In the Spirit of Prayer we are fully exposed. Naked, we become conduits of reception. The flute, the hollowed out vehicle of life’s music does not only hear the music but becomes in simplicity the created tune. The breath of life is the expression; the expression of truth. The wide eyed fish; symbols of truth’s reception in many of Joye’s works are drawn close to the Piper. We are reminded of our long journey into full redemption. We are reminded of our precarious and sometimes, frightful voyage to the fullness of the Kingdom, by the small boat that is exposed to the might of the sea. Love captains our hearts no matter how rough the seas we encounter.

CD: At the Edge of Night: Antonio Breschi
Track 4: The Whispering Shore
Time: 14.02

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