Your melodies of love so intensely played…


Your melodies of love so intensely played…

Bernie Mullen

Your constant melodies of love
So intensely played
So persistently composed
Draw me from the dark
Night of ego centric wandering
Into the freedom
Of your simple dance
Where hearts rejoice
In the music of your day…

Here Joye continues the wide, blue eyes of purity and simplicity. He again paints the guitar as the instrument of love’s music: love’s prayer. He includes both rural and urban life and draws us into the spring of creation. He suggests that we, as does the donkey bear the burden of our daily routine with unadorned humility. It is this that makes us like the children Jesus asks us to emulate.

Lord give me a child’s heart;
Uninhibited by the
Glamour and the so called, ‘glory’
Of encapsulated life;
By life imprisoned in its
Mires of complicated
Means of hiding and of protection
From your love…
Let your music of simplicy
Play its tunes of joy that
Set me free.

Lord give me a child’s heart
So I may truly love your being
That longs to give me spring’
That longs so faithfully
To blossom deep within me….

Music: CD: At the Edge of Night: Antonio Breschi
Track 2: ‘Secret of the Plains’
Time: 2:59

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