The love in my heart blooms yours kingdom songs…


The love in my heart blooms yours kingdom songs…

Bernie Mullen

The love of my heart
Blooms your kingdom songs
That free me of my
Self made burdens;
Of my human, expectations.

I am flowered, fully
Into the spring of
Your simplicity
Where the music
Of your simple kingdom
Is composed.
I shed my heavy beast-of-burden loads
And hear your soft songs whisper
My spirit into the belonging
Of its reality
That is its heaven…

The wide eyes of truth beckon us to hear the flute music of love’s prayer: the full music of life that brings in us the full bloom of life. Even the flowers in creation open to their fullest splendour. The beast of burden has shed its load and the heart of the home cannot help but display its shrubs of growth and reception. Its windows are widely open to the growth of life. The sun displays its full yellow joy for us. The guitar is very large and prominent and entices us to hear with intensity, the music. We are asked to follow the melody with the openness of children, to wherever love leads us.

CD: At the Edge of Night: Antonio Breschi
Track 5: ‘Sunbeams among the Rocks’
Time: 9.24

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