The door of my home stands open…


The door of my home stands open…

Bernie Mullen

The door of my home stands open
Like the hollows in your flute.
My silent soul receives
With joy the music of your heart.
The quiet rhymes
Of your prayerful breath
Play within the fibres
Of my being.
I am brought to songs
Of loving faithfulness
I am cherished in your being.
I am out-poured into the world
And give your child-created bliss
To my human world of melodies
Not yet played…

The eyes of Love flame out at us. The Piper’s breath does likewise. Prayer itself becomes a conduit for eternal praise. Simple hearts cherish all that is human and all that is divine. Nature is ordered in its creative chaos and all is right with the world. The Kingdom of Love plays its pure music in us. We have become the children of the Kingdom.

CD: At the Edge of Night: Antonio Breshci
Track 3: Secret of the Plains’
Time: 2.59

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